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FiberFirst takes flight on Ubiquity’s open access network

Image Source: Ubiquity Management

FiberFirst service is now live in Mesa, Arizona, riding on Ubiquity’s still-growing open access network infrastructure.

Following a soft launch in November, the Dobson Ranch neighborhood and its surrounding areas will be the first to get access to FiberFirst’s service plans, including speeds of up to 5G for homes and multi-gigabit solutions for businesses.

The provider’s flagship 1-gig service costs $75 per month. It also offers a 2-gig service for $115 with plans to introduce a 5-gig symmetrical tier in the first quarter of this year, according to Bryan Davis, FiberFirst’s EVP of sales and service. Other, lower speed tiers are also available, with “a plan for every use case,” Davis told Fierce Telecom.

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