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FiberFirst Internet Plans & Pricing

2 Gig (2000Mb/2000Mb)

$115 / mo
  • with Auto Pay and E-billing
  • No installation fee

500 Mb

$65 / mo
  • with Auto Pay and E-billing
  • $99 installation fee

300 Mb

$30 / mo
  • with Auto Pay and E-billing
  • $99 installation fee
  • Unlimited data, no caps, no contracts
  • All-In pricing with NO hidden fees
  • 100% fiber to your door (no copper cables)
  • Reliable connectivity for working and learning
  • Includes Wi-Fi 6 router
  • Symmetrical speeds: Uploads as fast as downloads
  • 24/7 tech support with local field technicians
  • E-billing with credit card or bank draft auto-payments

An additional $10/month fee will be added for non-automatic billing and $10/month will also be added for paper billing.

*Promotional offers are subject to change. Available to new residential customers only. May not be combined with other offers. Promotions are for one year unless otherwise stated. Services are subject to all applicable Terms and Conditions. Advertised speed is based on wired connection. Services not available in all areas. Restrictions apply.

Thank you for your service!

We proudly support verified US Active-duty and Veteran military members by offering them 1 month of FREE fiber internet.

Why choose fiber?


With fiber, uploads are as fast as downloads. And fiber uses dedicated (not shared) lines, so you get an excellent experience even at peak times.


Fiber’s protective barriers makes it waterproof, weatherproof, temperature-proof and more resistant to corrosion and deterioration.


Fiber used light instead of electricity to transmit data so it is far less likely to be affected by service interruptions or outages than copper cables.


Because fiber does not emit a signal, it is extremely difficult to intercept data from it, making fiber less vulnerable to malicious attacks.


Fiber optic cables are made from glass and the manufacturing process uses less energy and creates less pollution than making copper cables.


Fiber is purpose-built for the internet and can meet the growing and changing needs of consumers, businesses and industries.

Why choose FiberFirst?

Unlike tech companies that have bypassed your community, FiberFirst is dedicated to delivering equal access with best-in-class networks. Our network is purpose-built specifically for your needs. Real service and support is finally coming to town.

100% fiber guarantee

We bring fiber to your door, unlike ‘hybrid’ networks that cut corners with copper cables.

We're local

All of our employees, including network and customer care, are locally based.

Service obsessed

Our local presence allows us to address most issues the same day with a 95% resolution rate.

What to expect

FiberFirst technicians are local and will conduct a speed test to show you how fast your fiber optic internet is.

Installation is quick, efficient, and secure when fiber is available in your neighborhood/area.

A FiberFirst technician will come to your home for a scheduled installation appointment to set up your ONT (Optical Network Terminal) and router and ensure fiber is working perfectly. The technician can run a speed test to show you just how fast fiber internet is!

Then you can enjoy fiber optic internet – the fastest, most secure internet available.

Get ready to love the FiberFirst experience with our unwavering commitment to excellent service by our local, dedicated customer care team. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the FiberFirst difference!

What our customers say

I was really excited to get FiberFirst because of my need to back up data for my video production business. It has been very reliable and just as fast as I had hoped. Exactly what I needed.

Django GS.

I switched from Cox to FiberFirst and I have been totally impressed with the company and every person involved, from the crew installing fiber in our neighborhood, to the crew running fiber to my home, to the customer service support. I used to manage telco for a major corporation, and I worked with about every communications company in the USA. My experience with FiberFirst was one of the best in getting service.

Martin C.

Love the price, and the quality is a million times better than the wifi we had. Beyond great with the communication and installation process. Amazing customer service. Responded super quick. Extremely happy with Fiber First!


The service was beyond my expectations. The technicians were professional and courteous, and worked quickly to make sure everything was set up. I couldn’t be more happy to have made the switch.

Stacie M.

So happy to finally get this service in our neighborhood! Internet works awesome. Couldn’t be happier.

Shawna P.

The technician was helpful and made the process smooth and easy. No pressure for unneeded/unwanted services, clear and concise answers to my questions.

Aaron B.

We’ve had a great experience with Fiber First! Our technician was extremely kind and sociable, which made the installation enjoyable. The internet is faster than any I’ve ever used, and I truly believe we made the best decision to go with Fiber First.

Aubrey M.

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