Let us answer your questions

We want you to have an excellent experience with FiberFirst

Who is FiberFirst?

We are a fiber-based Internet service provider (ISP) – local within the areas we serve. Providing vital updates to your legacy networks and supporting consumer choice while creating your favorite ISP service experience. We have dedicated fiber solutions built directly to your home and business. FiberFirst brings equal access, best-in-class fiber networks with the latest technologies to communities overlooked by other big telco providers.

Why should we get FiberFirst internet?

Fiber is simply the fastest, most secure internet available. Speeds for uploads and downloads are symmetrical – just as fast uploading as downloading. Your home’s bandwidth is dedicated to you – it is not shared by others – so your speed won’t be affected by other people’s simultaneously usage.

How often do your rates change?

FiberFirst believes in providing the most cost-competitive value for our customers by not having constant changes or additional fees which are not required by law. Simple, transparent, and honest value billing is one of our best practices.

When can I get FiberFirst installed at my home?

We know you’re excited to have access to the fastest, most superior internet for working-from-home, streaming, gaming, shopping, and everything else. And we can’t wait to bring it to you. Please use the Check Availability link on the homepage for updates on your address.

Do you remove any lines of any of your competitors like cable companies?

No. We do not touch or remove anyone else’s lines.

How does the fiber optic signal get into my house?

FiberFirst is an Internet Service Provider. We do not handle installation or construction of fiber in the community. We handle installation within a home or business.

A technician will come to your house to set up a small unit called an ONT (Optical Network Terminal). The ONT brings the fiber optic signal to your home and is placed indoors or outdoors based on the model. The technician will set up your router, which connects to the ONT, and get you online. Our technicians connect a WiFi6 router that accommodates getting the fiber optic signal into the home and provides both ethernet as well as wireless access throughout. The WiFi6 router enables WiFi capabilities to all the devices inside your house. We do not do inside wiring as part of our regular installation. If that or additional drops/jacks are needed, please let the technician know and we will provide a price for that additional service.