Hey DFW, Austin and Killeen,
we're bringing fiber to your community soon!

    Why fiber networks are superior

    No data caps

    No shared pipes

    Fast upload and download

    Dual line - home + office

    Super secure

    New customer plans & pricing

    500 MB

    $59.99 / mo*
    500 Mbps
    Upload & Download
    Single Power Users
    • Connect up to 10 devices, unlimited data
    • Stream 4K video, movies, TV & sports
    • HD video chat
    • HD online gaming

    150 MB

    $49.99 / mo*
    150 Mbps
    Upload & Download
    Basic Users
    • Connect up to 5 devices, unlimited data
    • Stream movies, TV & sports
    • Video chat

    *Plus additional $10/mo. WIFI 6 capable router charge recommended with all plans.

    Why FiberFirst?

    Unlike tech companies that have bypassed your community, FiberFirst is dedicated to delivering equal access with best-in-class networks. Our network is purpose-built specifically for your needs. Real service and support is finally coming to town.

    100% fiber guarantee

    We bring fiber all the way to your door. Don’t be fooled by ‘hybrid’ networks that cut corners with copper cables.

    We're local

    All of our employees, including 100% local network and customer care, are proudly Texas based.

    Service obsessed

    Our local presence allows us to directly address, remotely or through site visits, 100% of issues the same day with a 95% resolution rate.

    Best-in-class builders

    With more than 100 years of combined experience, our teams have built some of the largest networks in the U.S.