What to expect

Your fiber optic upgrade is here

We'll keep you informed as we get your home connected as efficiently as possible

We're excited to bring you a faster, greener, future-proof technology that will serve your online needs for years to come.

Phase 1: Prepare and notify

FiberFirst uses a network designed and constructed by Ubiquity, a world-class digital infrastructure company. When the build is set to start, you will see the build team begin to mark utility locations, and you may see various flags or markings on the street or sidewalk.

Based on specific rules through the municipality or HOA, we may place yard signs announcing we are coming soon. Once the build is set to begin, residence will receive door hangers with information on how to sign up for service.

Phase 2: Build

In most cases, our build teams bring in fiber optic lines underground. They do this in an approved public or private right-of-way using a process called boring. A boring machine has a specialized drill bit that pierces the ground at a low angle, making a path for the lines to be buried with minimal disturbance to the surface area. When the bit reaches its predetermined path, the conduit (which safely houses the cabling) is pulled through the hole.

Depending on easement rules, connection points are placed in either the front or back of every two to four homes. Most times, this is in the front. Our build teams place all connection points underground in vaults, which are similar to what you might see for irrigation connections. Vaults are preferred over traditional “pedestals,” which stand upright in the yard.

Phase 3: Install

After you schedule your service, a technician will come to your house to set up a small unit called an ONT (Optical Network Terminal). The ONT brings the fiber optic signal to your home and is placed indoors or outdoors based on the model. The technician will set up your router, which connects to the ONT, and get you online.

In a few days, a crew will dig a small trench in your yard, six inches deep and less than an inch wide, to bury the conduit. We try to bypass landscaping and avoid irrigation lines but, if needed, we will do restoration work to reseed areas or replace small cuts.

Phase 4: Enjoy!

Now it’s time to experience the fiber optic internet – the fastest, most secure internet available. Benefits include uploading that is as fast as downloading and bandwidth that is dedicated to you, so your speed isn’t affected by your neighbors’ usage. Fiber is also resilient and sustainable, lasting 30 years or more.

We’re confident you’ll enjoy the FiberFirst difference.