What to expect

Your fiber optic upgrade is here

What to expect from FiberFirst as your internet service provider

We're excited to bring you a faster, greener, future-proof technology that will serve your online needs for years to come.

FiberFirst technicians are local and will conduct a speed test to show you how fast your fiber optic internet is.

Installation is quick, efficient, and secure when fiber is available in your neighborhood/area.

A FiberFirst technician will come to your home for a scheduled installation appointment to set up your ONT (Optical Network Terminal) and router and ensure fiber is working perfectly. The technician can run a speed test to show you just how fast fiber internet is!

Then your whole family can enjoy fiber optic internet – the fastest, most secure internet available. Benefits include uploading that is as fast as downloading and bandwidth that is dedicated to you, so your speed isn’t affected by your neighbors’ usage. Fiber is also resilient and sustainable, lasting 30 years or more.

Get ready to love the FiberFirst experience with our unwavering commitment to excellent service by our local, dedicated customer care team. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the FiberFirst difference!